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カーニヴァル | KARNEVAL

( karneval community )
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Community for the monthly Zero-Sum manga, Karneval by Mikanagi Touya.
Karneval is a series written and illustrated by Touya Mikanagi, that runs in Ichijinsha's monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine. This community is devoted to discussing and sharing anything related to the manga and its creator, be it official work such as scans or fanwork in the form of icons, art, fiction and so forth.

Before posting, commenting or asking questions, we suggest you take a look at the rules below.

All posts must be related to Karneval and/or Mikanagi Touya.
Official media such as scanlations & raws must be locked to members only, but this also applies to other things like links to J. fanart and J. cosplay. Use common sense.
Practice LJ-cuts and use NSFW warnings accordingly. It's also very important that you tag your entries to help keep the community organized.
We are not an auction board or advertisement community for your RP. However, we do make exceptions for media, character or pairing specific communities as long as they are related to the series. Contact one of the mods if you'd like to advertise something here that doesn't fall under the previously mentioned categories.
Disagreements will happen. When they do, simply agree to disagree. Respect the opinions of others no matter how greatly they differ from yours and treat your fellow members with courtesy. This should be a given.
Have fun, but please remember that this is a community - not your own personal journal. Your actions reflect upon everyone else, so, with that in mind, use sound judgment to ensure you are not the only one having fun.
If your entry begins with, "I don't know if this is allowed, but..." despite having read the rules, contact a moderator prior to posting.
By joining you are agreeing to follow these rules. Failure to do so will have consequences.

T. Mikanagi's official website

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Forward your inquiries, suggestions and complaints to karneval.mods [at] gmail.com. You may also PM one of the moderators.

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Images used in the community profile are by T. Mikanagi, found on her website or various Japanese sites.
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